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A Culinary Tradition That Embraces A Scratch Lifestyle

Sycamore Hills Golf Club has always been known for two things, Championship Golf and Over-the-Top Culinary Experiences. Our nationally ranked culinary program keeps our members on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what will come next from the Club kitchen. What is a scratch kitchen? It’s a term that can have different meanings depending on who you ask. The general definition is a kitchen where the food is made fresh with fresh ingredients. Our culinarians like to take it one step further, stating our commitment that we will never use frozen or processed foods in our day-to-day operations.

"Life is about creating special moments. In the end, only these special moments will matter."
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What Does That Mean For Our Members And Their Guests?

  • Fish that are brought in whole with the head on. Each fish that hits our back dock goes through a five-point inspection. If one of the points doesn’t pass our stringent standards, it goes back to our distributor on the truck. Fish are broken down daily by our Club culinarians to ensure freshness.

  • All beef is brought in whole and inspected before being broken down each day for use in our Club grill rooms. In addition to serving Prime Beef, the Club utilizes the same steak broiler that is present across the United States at acclaimed steak houses.

  • All pasta is made from scratch by our Club culinarians. Whether it is a delicate lobster-filled ravioli or a hearty Midwest pierogi, it starts with just eggs and flour in our Club kitchen.

  • Scratch desserts and pastries have become somewhat of a lost art, as they are always the first thing cut when a kitchen veers away from the scratch lifestyle. Here at Sycamore Hills, our ice creams, cookies, pastries, and mouth-watering desserts are made from scratch in our Club kitchen.

  • One way to ensure freshness is to shop locally. At Sycamore Hills, we make every effort to support our local producers and feature them on our Club menus. We are proud to source ingredients such as duck from Maple Leaf Duck Farms, or beef and brats from Didier Meats. These are just two examples of many where our Club has chosen to take the extra time to work with local producers to fill our menus with quality ingredients sourced from northeast Indiana

Experience Sycamore Hills For Yourself

Culinary Events

Love elegant wine dinners in an incredible setting? The Club has that covered. Love to participate in cooking classes? Covered. Want to learn more about fine spirits such as bourbon and tequila? We have that covered as well. In addition to our daily a la carte dining programs, our Club culinarians love to dream up fun and exciting culinary experiences for you, your friends, and your family. Throughout the year, our social calendar will give you excuse after excuse to join us at the Club to create your next memorable culinary experience.

A few highlights from our 2023 Social Calendar include the following...

  • Fourteen Wine Dinners with winemakers from around the globe.

  • Over twenty complimentary wine and or spirit tastings for members to enjoy before going into the Club grill room to dine.

  • Eight cooking classes with our Executive Chef covered various subjects like making fresh pasta, breaking down fish, cooking scallops, and making the perfect crab cake.

  • Bourbon Education Events, Tequilla Education Events, Wine Blending Events

  • Family-friendly events such as Bingo Night, Movie Night, Putt-Putt Night, Gingerbread House Classes, Exotic Animal Shows, Magic Shows, and Make-Your-Own Pizza Night.

National Ranking

In 2023, Sycamore Hills was honored to be ranked as the 7th Best Private Club Culinary Experience according to Club and Resort Business Magazine. This ranking provided the Club with confirmation that our goal of creating a culinary program that could compete with the very best had been achieved. We’ve linked the article below. Click the button to read more about The Club and Resort Business Culinary Experience Ranking.

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